4 February - World Cancer Day

Our Heroes can fight like hell and we saw it with our own eyes.

The colour lavender floods the world on 4 February, World Cancer Day, and it is the colour lavender that symbolises all cancers across generations and continents.

And yes, that's why Fuck Cancer is riding the lavender wave.

The whole world is raising awareness about cancer on this day and Fuck Cancer is definitely not lagging behind. The aim of World Cancer Day is to raise general awareness about this insidious disease and that's what we are all about in the first place.

February 4 is a symbol that we know what's going on, that we are ready to go out and face this insidious disease and fight together for those who are dedicating their strength and energy to their recovery and we are definitely not going to let them down.

The statistics speak clearly - every 3rd Czech will face cancer in their lifetime. We can draw all sorts of conclusions from this, but it is clear that each of us will encounter this issue directly, whether as a loved one or personally affected by the disease. According to worldwide surveys, cancer is the most common cause of death in the world..... and, although the number of patients cured is fortunately increasing, the number of patients diagnosed is also increasing year on year, and this is certainly not encouraging. The whole world is fighting to prevent this from happening and we believe that we are on the right track. But we are not afraid of all this, even though it may sound a little scary.

Let's talk about this issue together, let's not turn a blind eye to reality, it certainly won't help! What can help us (not always), however, is preparedness, and we are prepared!!!

This disease is unpredictable, but there are still ways to meet this good fortune!

What we can do for ourselves:

  •     healthy lifestyle
  •     a quality diet
  •     enough sleep
  •     enough exercise
  •     limiting stressful situations
  •     mental hygiene
  •     prevention
  •     self-examination
  •     preventive check-ups
  •     screening programmes
  •     + a drop of happiness

If you are wondering how we as the Czech Republic are doing compared to other EU countries in the field of cancer and what the prospects are, the European Commission has published the Oncology Profiles of the individual EU Member States.

And what will we do on this important day?

FUCK CANCER is going to Mount Ještěd, where we will meet our Heroes together and enjoy a great day of fun in the mountains and show the public what we are all about.