Fuck Cancer Anthem

Fuck Cancer has a fuckt strong anthem that won't leave you cold.

The author of the anthem "Rakovina" for Fuck Cancer is a young man Sebastián Starý, who himself overcame this insidious disease and today motivates other young patients.

How he came to write the poem that became the anthem of the Fuck Cancer project and campaign:

How is that possible, how did that happen?

We were on holiday in Croatia and it went completely by itself. All I had to do was reminisce about the time when I was being treated for cancer, and then my mom and I just complemented each other.

What motivated you to write such a text?

The experience of cancer, the memories and thinking of others who are going through it at the moment. Mostly I wanted to pass on a message!

Have you ever rapped publicly or is this your first experience?

At the age of 14 I was in the mountains with the Pink Bubble Foundation and there, when Santa and the devil came, I sang only part of Ben Crist's Sweet Chilli into the microphone. It was very stressful for me because there were people around me and I wasn't used to it at all.

How did you enjoy the shoot?

The shoot was amazing, everyone was trying to help me and put me at ease. Their patience and experience was priceless.

How do you feel about the video and the Fuck Cancer anthem?

I'm excited! It looks exactly how I imagined it and I really hope it gives people something. I hope they'll forgive my "scared" look on camera, but for me as an "introvert" such steps are quite difficult. It's a huge and successful project for me.



(lyrics, translated from Czech language)

Cancer is a force,
It's life-changing, it's misery.
Try to catch it in your mind.
She'll find out soon enough.

Think only of the good end,
You'll be a marathon runner.
She'll show you a different direction.
Just don't fuck it up.

Bed, meds, chemo.
Bare heads, psychologist.
One sweet Nataly,
she had a lot of empathy.

She had trouble breathing,
tumor pushing, frowning a lot.
Her breath had tones,
she was a great girl, everyone knew that.

Apathy's not our style.
That's what the poet Kryl discovered.
I don't want to wear a lavender hat instead of hair.
And avoid the hospital with a wide berth.

Smile, wit and humour.
Tears away, watch out for that.
Fuck cancer,
he's the biggest influencer.