Start of the FUCK CANCER campaign

The FUCK CANCER awareness campaign is here!

On 23 April, the largest Czech awareness campaign on the topic of youth cancer to date was launched. This insidious disease also affects teenagers and young adults. The aim of the authors of the project is to provide cancer patients or their loved ones with information not only about the disease, but also about everything that can improve these difficult moments. That is why the Fuck Cancer campaign aims to bring together organisations, foundations, associations, projects and individuals who not only help spread cancer awareness, but also help cancer patients to improve their health, as well as their mental or financial situation at a time when they really need it.  This will create a platform that will serve as a signpost and will connect and help to the greatest extent. The general public can also get involved in the project through financial support. Many experts, sponsors, patients, as well as well-known personalities such as Jiří Langmajer and representatives of the young generation such as Filip Jankovič, Sharlota and Nobody Listen have already got behind this unique awareness campaign.

You can follow the current events and news from the campaign on the project's instagram account: