The lavender top hat as a campaign symbol

FUCK CANCER is a project that comes with a radical outreach that you can be a part of.

Cancer is a brutal blow to life, so join us in giving cancer a shot.

How, you ask?  This little thing you see can break down dogma and spread the power of empathy. Wear it, be a personality fighting alongside us, help spread the idea of FUCK CANCER. This top hat has the superpower of empathy. Wear it and awaken that power in yourself.

The lavender top hat is the symbol of the FUCK CANCER project. It is a sign of courage and a symbol of intransigence.

FUCK CANCER is a campaign into the tough battle that awaits everyone who ever encounters a crayfish. And the standard of that campaign is the lavender top hat, that proudly held-up flag that you go in with for everyone who's ever had a stick thrown under their feet by cancer.

Yeah, you're not gonna look totally ultra-trendy in it. It's not gonna catch up with the new TikTok trend at school. Or is it? Are you gonna try it?!

You can't charm every inspector on a tram with that. But maybe somebody will turn around and want to know what it's supposed to be? At work, your boss won't exactly kiss your hands for winning the most corporate dress-code contest. But he might also ask, what the hell is that?

And this is your moment, you explain to them why you're wearing it, you'll be an instant star - I guarantee it! The lavender top hat is a symbol of not being afraid; and the people who are suffering with cancer right now need a fearless person like you with a top hat on your head.

FUCK CANCER puts together partners who are there for whoever needs help right now.  To support the FUCK CANCER campaign. Show them it's you. And get more people involved by drawing attention to this fight - with a totally fucking unmissable lavender top hat on your gorgeous shirt.

If you're in this with us, we bow deeply to you. Now put on your top hat and come with us.

You're in a hell of a group with that top hat.

Wear it anywhere, anytime and help us spread the word.

Thank you