We were part of the Maypole and it was a ride

We joined forces and on 23 April we launched a unique awareness campaign at the Prague Majals.

Young people, energy, fun, freedom and cancer..... that they don't go together? For some it's science fiction and for some, sadly, it's a living reality. Cancer does not choose and unfortunately it affects young people too. We are not afraid to speak out about this issue and want to be closer to those who may be affected by such a serious disease or have someone next to them who has experienced or is experiencing this knowledge. We want to spread empathy and together show that we care about "It".

We started the campaign together with you at this year's first Majáles on 23.4.2022 in Prague, where we had our own Fuck Cancer stage in addition to an awareness stand with top hats and chatting with you. We will never forget what happened there. Joy, laughter, fun, letting loose, and empathy all carried through the sunny day. Thank you to all of our partners and artists, ambassadors and all the Soldiers who were part of this collaborative event, giving strength and energy to all of our Heroes, both those who were there with us and those who watched from afar. Together on this day we unveiled the FUCK CANCER project and campaign, which has been in the works for months and years, with the help of our ambassador Martin "Mikýř" Mikyska on the main stand, and it didn't stop at the spoken word :). Brixtn, Elly & Karol Komenda, Tome Prince, DJ Friky & Martin Svátek, Sofian Medjmedj, Eddie Stoilow, Skyline and Tomáš Konůpka alias DJ Fuck Cancer.

3 beautiful days, 3 beautiful cities, Majáles Prague, Majáles Hradec Králové, Majáles Brno, a staggering attendance approaching 100 thousand and everyone shouting "Fuck Cancer". It's all in the spirit of Empathy vs. Apathy. It was wonderful to receive and spread your energy, which not only our Heroes, whom you could meet at our stands, but also all the rest of us will draw from for a long time. And we believe that the first year together will definitely not be the last.

A big thank you to all the good-hearted people who were involved in the preparations and operation, in random order especially: Michal Šamánek, the main organizer of the Majáles for his openness and insight, Štěpek Krpat for countless answered and solved production questions and wishes, Jana Heřmánková from T Servis for renting the complete stage and staff, the Shameless crew, without whom nothing would ever get built (or even crashed), Pýt + Jedi + Stef for uncompromising profi technical, artists and stage management, Terezka Sommerova and her entire crew for filming interviews, Aneta Kratochvilova for her precise moderation of the whole event, Beefeater for the gin support, all the Heroes who folded their hats for hours and hours with a smile on their faces, all the Soldiers who came to support us, the whole crew who took care of the smooth operation (even in the backstage - bar, grill) . .. and a big shout out to the whole Fuck Cancer crew who took part in the preparations :)