Anna Hončíková

management student, member of the Fuck Cancer team

"I fight for all my peers who are going through this disease."

1) What appealed to you about the FUCK CANCER project and why are you putting your energy into it?

Because I have lived in the same household with someone who was affected by this disease and I know how difficult it was (for her, for her family, for her friends...). Because I like to be involved in projects like this. Because helping others makes more sense to me than commerce. Because I want to learn new things.

2) What does the term FUCK CANCER mean or express to you?

A group of people winning together against cancer (everyone can join, everyone can be a part, everyone can help).

3) Can you imagine who you are fighting for here as a "SOLDIER"?

Yes, I fight for all my peers who are going through this disease.

4) What would you say to someone who says they find the phrase "FUCK CANCER" vulgar?

I'd probably ask him if he finds the word FUCK vulgar or the word CANCER vulgar and let him think for himself why he finds it vulgar at all.

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