Eliška Podzimková

Former cancer patient

"It's good to ask the patient straight out what they're going through, what's going on, rather than having an awkward silence."

1) What appealed to you about the FUCK CANCER project and why are you putting your energy into it?

He reached out to me immediately! I love the sass and the mission of this link.

2) What does the term FUCK CANCER mean or express to you?

An attack cry against the creature called cancer. A motto that brings everyone together.

3) Can you imagine who you are fighting for here as a "SOLDIER"?

Yes I can unfortunately (unfortunately) too well... I am a soldier and a survivor at the same time... At 16 I went through a cancer of the lymphatic system. This way in retrospect I actually tell myself that it was what it was and it actually changed my life for the better. You get your priorities straight and you start to see the world a little differently. You don't deal with crap, you try to experience everything to the fullest and you value your health. The main thing was a positive attitude and not giving up. Cancer is not the end of the world, it's a disease that can affect anyone close to you and when the media and movies keep telling you that cancer is terminal and the worst thing that can happen, it's understandably harder to take the fact that one is seriously ill with commitment and without embarrassment. Children, oddly enough, often handle it better than adults. The main thing is to believe in it.

4) What would you say to someone who says they find the phrase "FUCK CANCER" vulgar?

Yes it is, but what else should it be directed at but cancer. For everything else, it's vulgar and rude. Imagine cancer is a person who gets in wherever he wants, is nasty to everyone without exception, destroys people's lives, breaks up families, takes away people's ideas and hope... So FUCK CANCER!!!

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