"People who know me know that empathy is a very dangerous word for me, because I have an excess of it, but at the same time it makes me very happy and it means that I would like to spread it a little bit more among others and among my loved ones, because it's a very important feeling that sometimes hurts, but it helps us to help further."

1) What appealed to you about the FUCK CANCER project and why are you putting your energy into it?

It's a completely unnecessary question, why?! I think everyone should be here if they were me. And at the same time, I'm happy that it's made up of young people who care about things other than material things. I do it because I simply love people and I wish that everyone was really happy and healthy and that we helped each other a lot more.

2) What does the term FUCK CANCER mean or express to you?

It means to me great strength for all of us to fight for this disease to be among us as little as possible.

3) Can you imagine who you are fighting for here as a "SOLDIER"?

Unfortunately, I too have had people in my circle that I am fighting for now and for every soul that has to struggle and deal with this nasty disease.

4) What would you say to someone who says they find the phrase "FUCK CANCER" vulgar?

If you find FUCK CANCER vulgar, try to figure out which of those two words is more vulgar.

Soldiers & Heroes