Eva Janů

former cancer patient

"Empathy is important and for me it means helping others, helping people like me who have been or are sick. And just as my friends lifted me up, I can lift them up and help them now."

1) What appealed to you about the FUCK CANCER project and why are you putting your energy into it?

This project appealed to me because it helps teenagers and young people and I'm putting my energy into it because I think it's worthwhile.

2) What does the term FUCK CANCER mean or express to you?

It means for me to fight, to try to get up from the bottom and also to help the people around us.

3) Can you imagine who you are fighting for here as a "SOLDIER"?

For all concerned.

4) What would you say to someone who says they find the phrase "FUCK CANCER" vulgar?

Cancer itself is far more vulgar and accurately conveys that we should fight, fight and, to put it politely, fuck cancer, which should not cross our paths and must be fought.

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